Knowledge Exchange


BAF is dedicated to creating coalitions to build Africa's fashion sector

The Year Of Our Start

2020 was an unprecedented year. Our lives across the globe were upended by the COVID-19 pandemic. However despite its ugliness, the year brought about a rise in awareness of the way we engage with each other as a global community- with the Black Lives Matter movement becoming a key moment of this period. It was the desire to ensure that Africa is not left out of this global reckoning that led to the birth of Bias In African Fashion.

BAF Initiatives

Media Equity

A cross fertilization series hosted with media platforms across the globe aimed at driving greater coverage of fashion brands and companies from the continent

Retailers Connect

An education series to help brands on the continent understand what is required to work with retailers across the globe- similar to the Media Equity initiative it will look to share knowledge to allow African brands to work with global players

Modeling Sector Education

An education series to help current and aspiring models learn how to protect themselves in the industry and to identify and address any issues regarding bias in the sector.